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So, I made it a small goal to get a Burning Wheel game going in Denver. Looks like it’s going to happen. Here’s a list of things that have been established about the game:

Players: Zeke (myself), Dana, Mistoph, Justin, and Sarah.

When we will play: Mondays are just about the only option. Unfortunately, Sarah works until 6pm, and Dana needs to be in bed by 11pm. Me and Mistoph are flexible, and IDK anything about Justin other than he said he could do it.
I expect play to take about 4 hours in a session, with an optimal buffer of an additional hour for set-up, break-down, and socializing.
I expect to play every other week. We can play more, but I prefer not to play less unless people can demonstrate adequate commitment to the game so it doesn’t peter out after a few weeks of extended hiatus. I highly suggest that people mentally commit to playing for at least 3 months, but the upper-limit of duration for the game is limitless.
We can play, at the very earliest, on Monday, the 9th of January.

Where we will play: Both Justin and I have offered our houses. I think me and Mistoph would prefer our house but we A) have a dog, and B) smoke a lot inside. We don’t have to smoke inside during play, but the mere presence of smoke can inhibit people’s comfort. I think this is mainly aimed at Justin, but other people might mind. If this is an issue, we can play at Justin’s house, which is also close to downtown.

Expectations for now: BW is a story-telling game. I expect people to get into the mindset before we show up to play. Read some fantasy novels, think about your favorite books, think about stories you think are neat. Showing up with a proactive mindset, and an idea of things you like in fantasy stories, will help the game process a lot. With the exception of Justin (who happens to be the only person already familiar with the game), I’ve had somewhat detailed discussions with everyone about the game itself. There are some documents online about the rules and general tone of the game. If it’s interesting for you to browse those, that would be sweet, otherwise, we can talk about it when we sit down to play.

I guess that’s it for now.

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