Player Resources

Introduction to the Rules

Great resource to gain basic familiarity with the dice system.

Belief Workshop

Collected snippets about one of Burning Wheel’s strongest mechanics. This probably won’t make sense until we start playing, but could be worth reading.

Actual Play – Burning Shepherd

HIGHLY SUGGESTED. An Actual Play recap of a one-on-one game played via skype. Excellent demonstration of the mechanics in play, as well as the greater dynamic of narrative control between player and GM. It’s a great story, too.

Burning Wiki

The main wiki for the game. Kind of cluttered with stuff that doesn’t matter much. The Fevered Circle is probably the most relevant.

Burning Forums

We’ll be playing Burning Wheel Gold, but anything dealing with Burning Wheel Revised is also relevant.

Story Games Wiki – Primer

A more general collection of information about Story Games. IDRK what a “Story Game” is, but I find the techniques outlined on this site to be supported by Burning Wheel, and useful in creating the type of play I like.

The Forge – So Nerdy, So Possibly Relevant Somehow

A seminal collection of role-playing theory crap. Not super relevant, but very nerdy.

Player Resources

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